The title consist main idea, it is high connected with text and research. The idea of presentation consist wide sources, usually academic work and research. The construction of work is clear and easy to read, understand. The main theme is presented logically and analyses by opinion, conclusions and summaries. Author use well known theory, language to present and developed own research.
Good idea are presentation of main definition of research, research method and tools. Important is comparison of definition and main aims of definitions. Sources and analyses are well chosen and shown. Useful theories contain idea for every academic researcher. Author present main idea for researcher, research- ideas for methods, tools and database presentation. In the publication are shown rules, ethics and main aims of data and analyses. Writer sustain and accept idea of trustworthy, reliable and useful research.
Author present main and practical issues for researcher, publication for presenting and analyses of data. In is written about rigor and rules of qualitative study. Main indicator are relationships and connections, influence between data. The idea of comparison is important to attractiveness, role, importance of academic writing. For construction is useful research categorizes and importance of categories, data. It is necessary to build and construct texts for reader, for understanding. Data need to be summarised and valid, to better and wider effects. Clear effects and conclusions, opinion are always useful for readers, other academic researcher.
For author main idea for qualitative study consist reliable information and data. Second, comparison and categories of database. Writer sustain that positive epistemology and study method, tools are essential. Validation in his opinion is first in every study. Author present traditional way of analysis and high academic schedule.
In publication is written about rules of qualitative study. First criterion are transferability, credibility and evaluation of works. Second place take idea of developing and perspectives of academic work. Third part is building real world settings and situations and summary of them. Fourths is presenting from different perspectives.
Every idea and rule shown in this text is important to academic researcher and academic work. Development of theory, definitions and summary is well presented. Author present main idea and practical methods, tools. It written many about ethics and importance of academic work. The base of text is traditions and wide research of real word and academic sources. Summary is interesting and important. The idea of work is wide presenting, logic and clear.

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