The idea and title consist theory and metaphor, in first chapter is seen different aims and hypothesis, variables. The main idea of researcher – show and analyse the problem and future of management is important and interesting. The main idea to present different theory of management and different areas of management could be important. It is hard to see base of selections and base of variables. Author doesn’t show changes and influence by many variables like culture, period. The data are taken trough different areas so the comparison and analyses are hard to show. The researcher ideas need to be implement and show with homogeneity and higher connections with the title and main theory. The method and courses are unclear. The paper go weaker for readers, for researcher. The main arguments are illogic and disconnected. The idea of database is overload and hard to present. To much differences between sources effects misunderstanding and mislead the theory, ideas.
The data are disconnected and misunderstood. The researcher ideas and method is high undeveloped. Development database is always important in research but it is necessary and important to see and show connections and influence between theory and ideas. It should be shown the dominant metaphors and theory. In research could be present organizing data and conclusions, relations.
The introductions is interesting, it could be more clear about most important courses and theory. Arguments should be clarify to readers. The researcher should be more academic and related with academic work. Many data are disconnected, confusing, doesn’t show changes, arguments or relevance. Many arguments are weak and poor, doesn’t ad anything new or important.
The research of management behaviour is high theoretical and doesn’t consist main, dominant idea. The reader doesn’t see the consequences, main ideas. It is necessary to present main definitions, effects and theme, theory. We can only the many, different aims and hypothesis, ideas. It can be present the period of researcher, area of researcher, changes and main tendencies. Helpful can be categories for management like age, gender, amount, style, type of management. Other useful categories are area of work for management, number of employ and responsibility. The theory of management should be reviewed in categories like: employee opinion, management opinion, advantage, disadvantage in opinion. In review author could use the acceptance of management and idea, theory of management.
The amount of reviewers should be higher, the data from them could be present and analyse wider. It is necessary to present categories and summarise data and review. Author might show data on schedule, tables and charts. The researcher and ideas will be then clearer and more understand. The area of researcher and review could be smaller.
The summary need to be integrated and shorten to main conclusions, theory and ideas. Author should present main effect and author opinion of research, review. It could be writer the importantancy, usability of research.
It is important to change the texts and the database of research. Author should use main data and main review. Shorten data need to be categorized and analyses. Main idea, theory could be wider and categorised.

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